How These Weird Looking Mind Maps Can Help You Deal With Being Different

My IQmatrix review

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It’s tough work being different. Here I want to share with you a little-known resource I use to deal with it.

I studied this resource heavily on a cross-country camping trip. It was a much needed reset, where all I did for 4 months was read and study weird looking mind maps in nature.

Unlike anything else, they helped me to better understand concepts like identity, purpose, passion, work and life. Concepts I desperately sought to gain from drawn-out self help books.

Except, rather than having to peruse through piles of books to find the answers, I simply had to download some mind maps and study them.

In fact, nearly every message you can find in self help books has an IQmatrix map dedicated to it. So in many ways, it’s like the entire world of self help literature is been made available to you in one convenient Library.

Informational value aside, another great aspect of this library is it sparks creative thought, and you find yourself filling in the connections between concepts you failed to understand before -making hard to grasp messages loud and clear.

If I had access to it when I was younger, life would be a different story!

Because I didn’t have them I failed to grasp life changing concepts, which enabled stress, disorganization, and addiction to plague my life -for nearly a decade!

But things are different now, and every day is a step towards improvement thanks to journaling and study of these maps.

Why Visual Imagery Just Plain Works

When anyone sees these maps, they always stop and go “what is that?”

And when they do you can literally see them getting sucked in as their eyes download every piece of it.

That’s the power of visual imagery. It conveys so much information in one single page that we cannot help but be drawn in. It sucks you in and commands your attention as it pours out high-level concepts on a conscious and subconscious level.

Books don’t do that. And that’s why we keep buying them.

Finding The Right Maps to Help You Understand Your Problems

As it stands, there are many different ways to find mind maps on IQmatrix that fit your needs.

All Lifetime Members to IQmatrix get access to a complete list of maps, that you can download as a PDF or spreadsheet. There‚Äôs also the membership portal you can log into and see what’s new.

To help you understand the wealth of knowledge that exists within, here’s a table of all the maps available. Feel free to search for anything specific to your problems -there are over 400! 

All IQmatrix Mind Maps

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Get help with managing emotions, memory and learning, success and achievement, handling adversity, beating self-sabotage, boosting productivity, career success, wealth and money, setting goals, developing social skills, life coaching, improving thinking, loving relationships, and overcoming fear.

adversity bundle on iqmatrix

Adversity Bundle

For those that are dealing with physical variances that leave them feeling sad and alone, I’d recommend diving into the Handling Adversity, Beating Self-Sabotage, and Overcoming Fear categories.

There’s also the mastermind matrix chart that is quite literally every mind map on IQmatrix in one giant web of mind maps.

The Perfect Companion For Journaling

There are many ways to get value out of these mind maps. For one, studying them every morning or night is a great way to start or end the day on the right foot.

Journaling is a great companion for these maps. When you struggle with an issue, write it out! When you feel a problem weighing heavily on your shoulders, try to get some semblance of it on paper.

Then, with it out there, identify the root problem you are having; circle it, and find a companion map for your journal entry. Download the map and study it. Take notes on how you can improve your situation.

Journaling alone is a great way to release pent up emotion. But it isn’t enough to totally change your life. You need to take appropriate steps by addressing the issues you are venting about. Finding companion maps for those issues is a great way to do that.

I promise you that if you journal every day and study a companion map, you won’t just be “dealing with life”, but bursting with it!

Learn More

IQmatrix is operated by Adam Sicinski, a certified Life Coach who creates every mind map himself. He is available on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.  He sells themed bundles of his maps, and lifetime membership known as Infinity Membership. You can get free maps if you subscribe to his newsletter.

*This post contains zero affiliate links and I make nothing promoting Adam’s product. It is something I myself use and know will be of substantial benefit to others.

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