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The Life Changing Potential of Virtual Reality

Virtual reality has been an idea in many of the science fiction and popular futuristic movies for decades. Scenes portray characters using virtual reality and becoming completely immersed in a new and different world that is controlled and created by computers. What were once only the dreams of sci-fi enthusiasts has become an extremely popular […] Read more

The Future is Here: 3D Printed Prosthetics

The future is here! If you are one of the millions of physically unique individuals around the world that require the use of a prosthetic limb, prepare to be amazed. In fact, you will be amazed even if you do not wear a prosthetic limb. When prosthetic limbs were first created, they had seemed like […] Read more

Guide to Disability Friendly Cities (List of 22 Around the World)

Walkable cities are great for families and senior citizens, but disability friendly cities are great for everyone. Areas that have good sidewalks with wheelchair access are important qualities. However, there are quite a few more qualities that make a city good for the disabled. The weather needs to be looked at because extreme temperatures or […] Read more

Best Colleges For The Physically Disabled? (We List 20)

In the United States there are more than six million high school students with disabilities. From spending four years learning both academics and having special assistance, many students face difficulties when it comes to selecting the right college or university that will equally assist them through their learning process. While the average student tries to […] Read more