Best Colleges For The Physically Disabled? (We List 20)

colleges that are disabled friendly

Top Disability Friendly Colleges

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In the United States there are more than six million high school students with disabilities. From spending four years learning both academics and having special assistance, many students face difficulties when it comes to selecting the right college or university that will equally assist them through their learning process. While the average student tries to decide their college choice based upon school ranking, location, and tuition, students with disabilities must also add to these questions whether or not the school has an efficient level of accommodations. This information can oftentimes be hard to find, mainly because most schools don’t always make this information readily available as a priority. However, our extensive research has discovered some of the most disability-friendly colleges for students needing all levels of assistance. Listed here are twenty of some of the most accommodating schools in the country.

1. Ball State University, Indiana, US.

Ranked as one of the leading universities for all around wifi access and academic quality, Ball State University has established itself as an increasingly popular institution. With affordable tuition and a student body just over 21,000, Ball State can be the ideal choice for students looking for a intimate learning experience. Even more, Ball State is among the top schools in the country that is superbly equipped with special assistance. Apart from ramps, elevators, and easy-access buildings, Ball State features these extras:

  • Active sports for Wheel chair students.
  • Assistance for students who need help eating, washing, etc.
  • Has updated many dormitories with special assistance needs.

2. University of Arizona, Tuscan, AZ.

This state university of academic excellence has consistently been one of Americas best performing schools. Apart from having impeccable all around security for classes, buildings, dorms, and off campus housing, U.O.A. holds a comfortable student body of over 30,000 peers. What’s more, it adds over 1,000 acres of land to its name and boasts an active level of clubs, sports, and activities. Students with disabilities are equally treasured in this schools reputation, because they have created an outstanding level of assistance. U.O.A. has specially equipped rooms, bathrooms, special shuttles, wheelchair sports, assisted swimming, and special classes to help new and returning students better adjust to their environment. This school is so accommodating that they will work with students’ individual needs to find ways to make their learning experience to meet all expectations.

3. University of California, Berkeley CA.

A popular choice for students who love the sciences and business education, U.O.C. has a strong reputation for its academic satisfaction and college experience. Its student body is under 30,000, which gives students more one-on-one time with their professors and a better understanding of the material. U.O.C. is one of the best schools for students with varying disabilities, which brings it to this list. With all standard ramps, elevators, and buildings with special door activation, U.O.C. also has the following:

  • Wheelchair rental.
  • Sports for students with disabilities.
  • Counseling, advice classes and programs to bond students together and better adjust.
  • Accommodated rooms and toilets.
  • Shuttle organization and the ability to make special adjustments in certain cases.

4. Cleveland State University, Cleveland, OH.

The social sciences, health, and business degrees make this school a prestigious institution. Cleveland State has incredibly affordable tuition under $10,000 dollars for in-state students, a couple thousand more for out of state. Cleveland is a special choice worth considering because, unlike the schools so far listed, they allow for students needing serious special attendance to have their caretaker live with them in their dormitories. In addition, Cleveland also has specially accommodated rooms and online tutorials for incoming students.

5. University of Connecticut, Storrs, CT.

Sprawled on the rural plains of Connecticut, U.O.C. understands that while having inspirational natural surroundings is pleasant, it can also be challenging for students with disabilities. Social Science, Business, and Engineering programs continues to draw students from around the country to U.O.C., but for its student body with special needs, it’s the support. U.O.C. provides the following:

  • Special rooms and toilets.
  • Buses and shuttles that take students around the large campus and also for local errands.
  • A special department that helps students hire attending aids.
  • Various hearing, seeing, speaking, etc aids for students of all various needs.

6. Edinboro University of Pennsylvania, Edinboro, PA.

Also a campus located in rural surroundings, Edinboro’s most popular degrees center around their visual and performing arts and education programs. A small student body of under 10,000 students, Edinboro is affordable for most students, as well as keen to offer financial assistance. What makes Edinboro special for students with disabilities is that they continue to expand their services to become one of the first choices for such students. Edinboro is among the best schools in America when it comes to the following:

  • Efficiently equipped rooms and toilets.
  • Easy access classes, buildings, and programs.
  • Has ramps, wheelchair rentals, and special buses.
  • Adjusting classes, special programs, veteran services, and classes to help special students train to live independently for the first time.
  • Also, Edinboro promotes active sports classes and counseling.

7. University of Houston, Houston, TX.

The University of Houston is simply gorgeous and lively. It boasts a massive variety of active clubs and organizations, Greek life, renowned sports teams, and innovative Marketing, Management, and Psychology degrees, just to name a few. A student body of over 30,000 and tuition affordable under $30,000, U.O.H. is one of the institutions creating the most buzz today. What’s also fabulous about U.O.H. is the following:

  • Special housing and toilets.
  • Assistants for special needs students are on-hand at the campus.
  • Wheel chair/other sports.
  • Veterans’ services.

8. University of Illinois, Champagne, Il.

U.O.I. is proud to have the largest Greek life body in the world. Additionally, its Graduate school of Library and Information Science, Engineering, and Psychology studies are highly ranked as the best in the country. Very impressive, U.O.I. likes to be able to say that it can offer every student a comfortable level of interest and assistance. Here are some special features U.O.I. offers:

  • Bus and van assistance.
  • Equipped living facilities.
  • Active sports for the disabled.
  • Veterans assistance.
  • 24/7 Emergency call.
  • Independent living training.
  • On-hand assistance staff for residents.
  • Assistants for meals.
  • Extra aids for students with hearing, other disabilities.

9. University of Southern Illinois, Carbondale, IL.

This small institution prides itself in being not only affordable, but holding some of the most celebrated faculty members in the country. U.S.C. is affordable and accommodating. If you’re interested in an engaging learning experience in Engineering, Marketing, and Management (the schools leading programs), this might be the right choice for you. U.S.C. has these features for special students:

  • Wheelchair sports.
  • Bus/vans for special needs students.
  • Specially designed lodgings and facilities.
  • online programs to help students adjust before enrolling.
  • Recruits special care professionals for students as well as help students find the perfect care taker.

10. Michigan State University, East Lansing, MI.

Its Graduate programs of Education and Management make it one of the most recognized schools in the country. M.S.U. also has contending sports teams, a wonderful location near the city, and more than 36,000 students make up the student body, which can be exciting for students looking to immerse themselves in a large school. M.S.U. supports students with disabilities with these including features;

  • Sports and online guides.
  • The ability to help students hire personal aides.
  • On-call special bus routes.
  • adapted lodgings and campus facilities.

11. Southwest Minnesota University, Marshall, MN.

A smaller ranked recently ranked #107 in the country, S.M.U. has a remarkable Business Management program that consistently draws students on an annual basis. With reasonably sized classes between 20 and 40 students, S.M.U. delivers a personal quality to the educational experience that allows many students to thrive. S.M.U. is smaller than many other state colleges, but it still is able to help students with special needs go through the process of adjusting in their school. S.M.U. staff help students to find aides for students who need lodging assistance, and what’s more, S.M.U. offer basketball, soccer, and intercollegiate sports for students to continue to be active and feel a part of their academic family.

12. University of Missouri, Columbia, MO.

Anyone who takes a panoramic glimpse of U.O.M. will be mesmerized by its beauty and want to join. U.O.M. has nearly 30,000 students on its 1,250 acres of historical excellence and charming foliage. Its sports teams are recognized around the country and its most popular programs of Business, Communication, and Health have produced achieving professionals in various fields. U.O.M. doesn’t hold back on making sure that they can cater to all students, including those with special needs. Among their student body are thriving deaf students, the legally blind, ADHD, wheelchair bound, and many more.

Here are just some of their amazing features:

  • Lab and technical assistance for science classes.
  • Captioned lectures, special note taking and examination accommodations.
  • Flexible attendance, optional course work reduction, special tutors, and trained professors to teach and adjust to learning cases.
  • Ability to provide and accept guide animals in class.
  • Hearing equipment, adapted rooms, special toilets and showers, hands-free doors, and easy-access closets.

13. New York University, New York, NY.

This university is not only recognized around the country but around the world. NYU draws students from more than 100 countries into its student body. Top programs include Journalism, Communication, and the arts. NYU offers special scholarship to students with special needs, and special housing. Recreational programs and a selection of sports are also included, as well as buses that are made to accommodate assisting devices. It is also mandatory for all snow-covered paths to be cleared immediately for the easy passage of special students. It should also be noted that students who need their aides to live with them are provided with free housing.

14. Northern Kentucky University, Highland Heights, KY.

Its student body of 13,000 are proud to attend the school ranked #67 among southern tier universities. Programs of Business, Marketing, and Management spur this school forward as one of the growing institutions for all prospective students. N.K.U. has the small, friendly feel that many new students are looking for in their college choices. N.K.U continues to grow its facilities that help cater to students with disabilities, and currently among them are the following:

  • Specially designed lodging.
  • Help finding a special assistance care taker for students.
  • Free bus services and local shuttle services.
  • Special programs and groups to help students meet, adjust, have counseling, and advice on how to settle into their new environment.

15. Ramapo College of New Jersey, Mahwah, NJ.

This Liberal Arts college is nestled in the suburbs of New Jersey. It’s modern appeal draws many students from the east and west coasts, but also its immense choice from over 40 programs of graduate and undergraduate study. R.C. has impressive Communications, Speech, and Journalism programs of great variety in their respective fields, as well as graduate program for nurses.

R.C. offers special students appropriately equipped rooms; help finding outside aides to assist with living tasks; wheelchair sports to keep students active and engaged; shuttle service; group programs to make students more comfortable and to meet others; independent living training; hearing, seeing, and speaking aides, as well as classroom assistance and educated professors in the varying abilities and disabilities of their students; and even better, advice and help for special students in the advancing of their careers and placement.

16. Stanford University, Stanford, CA.

This elite and private university is not to be considered ‘off the list’ for students with special needs. A small student body, Stanford is a bold name that has many attractions for potential students. Its nationally celebrated degree programs are the following: Law, Education, Engineering, Business, and Medicine. From Greek life to exciting sports teams to extracurricular clubs, there is something for the ambitious student to be a part of. When it comes to students with special needs, many options are available, from class assistance in the form of hearing, speech, writing aides, campus counseling and programs, as well as professors who will work to accommodate your needs.

Extra are among the following:

  • Each dormitory has special facilities, accessible points, and features.
  • Bus and shuttle is free for special students.
  • Active sports include swimming and wheelchair sports, etc.

17. Wright State University, Dayton, OH.

A student body of over 14,000, Wright State is located in the suburbs and attracts students for its Business, Psychology, and Nursing programs. Wright State has a thorough and impressive list of services which are the following:

  • Activities include basketball, swimming, wheelchair sports, and recreational programs and activities.
  • Will help with the process of finding the right lodging cater taker.
  • Special scholarships for students with moderate disabilities.
  • Special computer labs and science labs for students.
  • Special tests and examinations, as well as learning aids for the visually impaired.
  • On campus counseling and advice programs.
  • Reading and writing programs as well as C print.
  • In class interpreters and tutors.
  • Image enhancements from lectures and appropriate textbook alternatives (on audio versions, Braille, etc).
  • Dorm assistance and equipment.
  • Career selection process, degree counseling, job fair help, and preparation for after-college experience.
  • Most of these services are provided at no to little extra cost.

18. The University of Wisconsin, Madison, WI.

More than 30,000 students make up the U.O.W. student body because of its beauty and continued innovation in education today. Economics, Political Science, and Biology are the leading choices of degrees at U.O.W. but the institution offers a massive variety of career options and encourages a strong diversified campus. For students with disabilities, U.O.W. offers the special assistance facilities listed below:

  • Faculty and staff are committed to help students with special disabilities not only adjust in the new environment, but excel like every student who decides to enroll.
  • Learning aides, such as hearing, speech, seeing, and physical inability are all available.
  • Students with severe or difficult cases can include this information in their application so that the school will provide special information.
  • Classes, such as counseling, programs, and career advice sessions are available.
  • Recreational sports, lodging adaptions, and mobility services are readily on hand.
  • Parents can also attend information sessions and tour the facilities of which they child will be accustomed.

19. Wayne State University, Detroit, MI.

The classes offered at Wayne State are ideal for new and academically driven students because most do not exceed fifty peers. One of the most recognized schools in MI., Wayne State has strong Law, Medicine, and Business programs with over 400 programs of study. Wayne state is a university that accommodates special students with ramps, elevators, clear walkways, and easy access buildings, but there is much more.

  • On campus counseling, career help, and a contact for reporting abuse.
  • Alternative textbook formats such as audio and Braille, as well as learning aides.
  • Can provide lodging care takers and in class assistance.
  • Special study rooms and active programs and classes.
  • Mobility assistance and tutoring help.
  • A special office is designated to help students adjust, thrive, and consult professionals concerning their progress.

20. University of Vermont, Burlington, VT.

Located in the city, U.O.V. is surrounded by lively activities, beautiful lakes, and sprawling grounds. The respected school is home to more than 11,000 students and has active clubs and organizations. Students looking to study Psychology, Business, or English will be thrilled to know that these are the leading fields of interest at U.O.V. In addition, U.O.V. has and is continuing to expand their facilities that cater to students with special needs. U.O.V. has limited special specially designed lodgings, but it continues to integrate equipment throughout their premises for student comfort. Currently, these are the most popular readily provided services:

  • Adaptive technology, alternative textbooks, and various learning aides.
  • Special labs, counseling, advising, and consulting before and during enrollment.
  • Exam accommodation and mobility assistance are provided, as well as special note taking and special needs student advocacy.

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